Youth events take place every other Friday evening at our building 7.30PM and include a number of fun social activities & games in a safe, relaxed environment. During the nights there’s also time to calm it all down and spend some time looking at our Christian faith, praying and supporting each other. Our youth age is from 11 +

We also have youth Small Groups every alternate Friday evening for our A!G Youth members, where our young people are encouraged to develop their personal relationship with with God through bible study and developing deeper friendships. These are seperate groups for the guys and girls.

Once a month we also plan to do something special, (including days out at the beach, bowling, activity weekends and other fun social stuff). We want our young people to get a balance of fun activities and some serious discussion but mostly we just want to develop an atmosphere where the youth enjoy hanging out together and feel comfortable talking about what’s going on in their world!

Friday, 7.30PM @ Our Building